🦊Connect Wallet/Network

TL;DR: Users of TONIC can connect their blockchain wallets and change accounts and networks using buttons in the navigation bar.

🦊 Wallets

As briefly discussed on the Motivation page, the TONIC team firmly believes that only products based on the decentralization spirit represented by "not your keys, not your crypto" and only giving users full control over their assets will ultimately create the next-generation global financial infrastructure. Therefore, TONIC only supports non-custodial wallets.

When interacting with TONIC's official frontend app, it is recommended to use the web extension form of TONIC's officially supported wallets installed on the desktop version of the Chrome browser. TONIC's official frontend may add support for specific environments/wallets in the future, but is not obligated to support any other environments/wallets at this time.

TONIC currently supports two blockchain wallets, each of which can be installed from the following links:

  • 🦊 MetaMask: Supports both Klaytn and WEMIX

  • 🥥 Kaikas: Supports Klaytn only

    • Installation link: Chrome Web Store

    • Kaikas is a fork of MetaMask.

    • 🔴 Please note that Kaikas is currently not being developed as open source. 🔴

  • Users can open the Select Wallet modal by clicking the Connect Wallet button and select a wallet to use, as shown in the screenshot above.

🦊 Account Menu

📌 Switching Networks and Wallets

Users can switch their connected wallet and network using the top menu:

  • The button on the left displays the currently connected wallet and network. Click it to change the network.

  • The button on the right toggles the top menu. Click the Change Wallet button to reopen the Select Wallet modal and choose a different wallet to use. To change the selected account within a wallet, use the wallet software's UI. In most cases, changing accounts in MetaMask or Kaikas will automatically change the selected wallet in the TONIC app. If not, please refresh the page to reset the state.

📌 Block Explorers


Clicking the Klaytnscope button opens the Klaytnscope link for the currently connected wallet in a new tab.

Klaytnscope helps users understand the Klaytn network more easily by monitoring the network's status and providing various statistics. Users can also search for block and transaction data and explore lists of smart contracts on the Klaytn network.

WEMIX Explorer

Clicking the WEMIX Explorer button opens the WEMIX Explorer link for the currently connected wallet in a new tab.

WEMIX Explorer is a search engine that indexes all transactions occurring on the WEMIX3.0 blockchain, allowing users to easily query and verify information related to transactions. Users can monitor the status of blocks and transactions, check information and balances related to tokens and NFTs, and promote blockchain transparency by verifying balances and spending for smart contract addresses before sending cryptocurrency.

In addition, WEMIX Explorer allows users to view information related to processing, verified, and failed transactions, as well as easily access information related to blocks, transactions, wallets (accounts), and smart contract lists on the Klaytn network.

For more information on how to use WEMIX Explorer, please refer to the WEMIX3.0 Manual document.

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