🌐Private Transfers

Learn how to safely transfer tokens through Tonic!

🛫 Deposit

  1. Make sure the Deposit tab is selected.

  2. Choose the token to deposit.

    1. On Klaytn, you can select KLAY, oUSDT, or oETH.

    2. On WEMIX, you can select WEMIX, WEMIX$ (WEMIX Dollar), or ETH.

  3. Select the amount to deposit. To make it difficult for users to be identified through deposit and withdrawal amounts, Tonic only allows deposits and withdrawals in fixed quantity units. Before selecting the amount to deposit, it is recommended to check how many deposit requests have been created for each pool using a block explorer or the Stats page. If you deposit to a pool with few deposit requests, it'll be better to wait for enough transactions to be created for anonymity before withdrawing from it.

  4. Please agree to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

  5. Now, click the Deposit button to finish!

  • After clicking the Deposit button, a new note is generated. A file containing the note value will automatically attempt to download. You can retry the download or copy the value to your clipboard using the buttons in the modal.

  • The note is currently empty, but it will gain value after the deposit transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

  • In case the deposit transaction has been actually sent but, due to various factors (e.g., closing the tab or browser right after the transaction is broadcasted, encountering client-side network issues, or having temporary problems with the RPC node in use), the transaction status is reported differently from the actual status, the Deposit Success Modal may not appear on the frontend app even though the transaction has been recorded successfully. To prepare for this situation, it is recommended to back up the note in advance!

  • Send the deposit transaction. If the transaction approval window does not appear or reverts, please refresh and check your wallet/token balance before trying again!

  • Once the transaction is approved, you must wait for the note value displayed after the transaction execution is confirmed. Do not close the window!

  • When the deposit is successful, a file containing the note value to be used for future withdrawals will be automatically downloaded (again).

  • Of course, it's the same note as the one displayed in the Prepare Deposit Modal earlier!

  • You can retry the download through the modal button or copy it to the clipboard.

Anyone who knows the note value can withdraw or trace the assets you deposited at any time. Never disclose it to third parties!

If you close the successful deposit modal and the current page/web browser, you will never see the note again, so choose carefully!

🛬 Withdrawal

The withdrawal fee has been reduced from 3% to 0.5%!

  1. Make sure the Withdraw tab is selected.

  2. Enter the wallet address where you want to receive the assets. The default value is the currently connected wallet address.

  3. Enter the note value you received after depositing.

  4. Please agree to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

  5. Now, click the Withdraw button!

Please wait for a moment while your withdrawal is processed. Since it needs to fetch all past events of the corresponding anonymity pool, it may take up to several minutes.

  • 📌 Execute directly

    • Please approve the withdrawal transaction!

    • If the withdrawal transaction fails, there may be issues with the blockchain node (RPC) or wallet software you are using. Please wait a moment, refresh, and try again.

  • 📌 Execution via Relayer

    • If the native token balance of the currently connected wallet is less than 1 KLAY or 0.1 WEMIX, the wallet may have difficulty covering the gas fee (network fee) incurred during withdrawal.

    • In this case, the team-operated relayer will pay the fee on your behalf. Pressing the "Withdraw" button will attempt a relayer fee payment.

    • The fee payment may fail due to issues on the relayer side (such as insufficient gas), in which case you can either receive the funds directly with a wallet that has enough fees or wait a moment and retry using the relayer (fee payment).

  • The withdrawal is complete. Hooray!

  • Note is (of course) not reusable once used.

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